With DTC wine sales growing over 17% year over year, the market is becoming more significantly more competitive.   Having a beautiful property or spectacular wine might be an attractive proposition when visitors call, but wineries need to think about what the perception of their brand or experience is once a guest leaves the premises.  What type of impression will endure the test of time?  Experiences need to appeal to emotions…. Emotions that are stirred and create indelible memories.  It is becoming paramount wineries create connections that leave lasting impressions, so customers remain interested and loyal to their brand.

In 2018, Virtual Vines teams up with Napa Valley Life Magazine to explore and report on hidden gem wineries that offer unique or memorable experiences which leverage attributes of the winery’s heritage, terroir or venue  to produce an overarching experience which not only complements their wines but creates emotional connections to their brand.   In each publication, our focus will align with the seasonal nature of the issue and also hone on some of Napa Valley’s lesser-known AVA’s and wineries which take Napa visitors out of the mainstream.

In February, we had fun investigating wineries that offer equestrian experiences that build the equine story into their brand stories through philanthropy.  The horses not only provide a memorable experience for guests, they also create an emotional connection with challenging histories as rescue animals that now have the opportunity to pay it forward.
Napa Valley Life- Unique Equestrian Experiences

In the April Home & Garden Issue we had the opportunity to overwhelm our senses with the beauty of some of Napa Valley’s Hidden Gem wineries with gardens that are fully integrated into their tasting experiences.   Each of these wineries demonstrates how their gardens play a key role in the history or creation of their wines through design, growing or production practices and connect with guests through the beauty of the land.
Napa Valley Life- Hidden Gem Wineries with Garden Experiences

It is important for wineries to be able to connect to their customers through a brand story.  Wine purchases are made based on emotion.  Savvy wineries can help create the emotions they want their customers to feel to build mutual connections and brand loyalty.  Others will rely on labels and product scripts to tell their stories.  Unfortunately for them they have to rely on their prospects to create connections on their own.

We are in the midst of wrapping up our latest report in the summer issue which will be released in June, and are very excited to be gearing up our palates for the August Food and Wine issue which will be dedicated to hidden winery gems that offer memorable sensory tasting experiences brought to life through memorable combinations of wine and food.  We are always looking for recommendations for hidden gem wineries with memorable experiences to explore for our series!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any suggestionsinfo@virtual-vines.com

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