LogoColorTextBelow     Happy Harvest! It is hard to believe October is almost here!

     There has been a lot of major market news this past quarter which is re-shaping the wine business for its future ahead. DTC wine sales surged in August 39% over the same period last year compared to only 5% for off premise sales. To support demand, winery staffing increased 10% over last year.  (Read More:)

Millennials crossed the chasm as formidable consumers of premium wines. With this they bring a strong desire for information sharing in mediums like social media and digital access.  (Read more:)

Other big news included the addition of Pennsylvania as the 44th State to allow DTC Shipping and a bevy of mergers and acquisitions of major market leaders like Far Niente, Jackson Family Winery and Penner Ashe.

As the market continues to expand, so does the need for wineries to build unique branding strategies and direct marketing programs which attract and build closer connections with more diverse customer segments. Doing business as usual is not a growth strategy. This is the time to review what’s working and what’s not… How many customers do you acquire and of those, how many do you keep? Is the experience your guests have one that will be remembered not only after the first visit, but throughout the relationship? Do you or your staff feel confident customers are qualified, captured and retained to maximum potential?

This summer we saw an opportunity add value to wineries as they create ways to stand out in this changing market. In July we launched our DTC SALES SNAP TRACK© web based training program. The 30 minute live web series was designed to offer DTC sales and marketing professionals’ quick tips, techniques and best practices to integrate relationship building strategies into their sales and marketing programs. The program has doubled its registrations over the past couple of months and we appreciate all the interest and constructive feedback. As a result, we will adding more content and time slots over the coming months.

In appreciation of your support, during the month of October, please accept our invitation for a complimentary DTC SNAP TRACK session. 

            In closing, cheers to the close of an eventful summer and a bountiful harvest season! Looking forward to connecting soon for business or pleasure.

Good Selling!

Laura Larson
Founder, Virtual Vines

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