Why is it wineries can offer the best varietal, vintage and value, but the DTC Sales growth numbers remain consistent YoY at 15-17%?  Market statistics have shown 85-90% of DTC wine sales originate in the tasting room, however, there seems to be a widening gap between the potential impact of sales and the staffing resources required to sustain them. In 2016 SF Luxury Marketing Council conducted a Mystery Shopping project among over 85 wineries in the Napa Sonoma region with the objective to measure the outcome of their visit via likelihood to buy, recommend or return.  Among the shoppers who rated their experience the highest, the predominant reason was their connection with the host.  These experiences also resulted in ~30% higher sales based on an average of $114 vs $88.

If you examine the model adding average tasting room operations into the equation, the annual ROI results can be quite impressive.

The survey outcome exemplified the growing need for wineries to invest in their most valuable resources– The customer facing staff who work on the front line.  Not only are tasting room personnel expected to deliver exceptional customer service, they are also pivotal to driving a significant portion of the DTC sales for the entire sales budgets. With so much at stake isn’t it worth it to regard these players as your “A Team”?

So it seems the answer is consistently simple…The Host is Most.

Integrating comprehensive sales training and compensation programs are easy tweaks you can make to ensure your varietal, vintage and value are being represented and converted into the wanting palates and wine cellars of your customers.

Mutual Commitments = Mutual Success.

If wineries want their guests to invest in their business and commit to becoming loyal customers, wineries need to invest in what it takes to win their trust and bestow their best and brightest assets to lead the charge.

Virtual Vines provides DTC sales and marketing support to help wineries ensure optimum coverage and top talent represented in the tasting room through project based services like mystery shopping, staff assessments, sales staff & manager training, hiring and leadership blueprints.

Our live Spring Webinar series provides convenient access to best practices to recruit, hire and train top talent for maximum results.


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